Board Member Responsibilities


Edgewood HOA Board
Hiring vendors to maintain or repair the common areas of the community.  This includes, but is not limited to Management services, landscape services, trash collection, tot lots maintenance, and front signage and lighting.
Insure that all Covenants and Arch. Guidelines are being followed consistently throughout the neighborhood.
Insure the collection of dues, allocation of resources and management of the HOA funds.
Review all ARB submissions for property improvements and changes.  The Board can approve or deny requests based on the Architectural Guidelines and Community Covenants to maintain consistency within the neighborhood and uphold property values. 
Creation and maintenance of the Community website.
Organize community events.
Coordinate community communication.  This can pertain to security concerns, lost pets, upcoming events, etc.
Things the Board is NOT responsible for:
Removing of vehicles parked on County roads.  The HOA has no jurisdiction over the County roadways in the community.  The Board only has authority over vehicles on the property itself.  If there is an abandoned vehicle or one with expired tags, please notify your local County authorities.
Neighbor disputes.  If there is a dispute between neighbors and no HOA Covenants or Arch. Guidelines have been violated the Board recommends working the issue out be all parties.
Animal issues.  The HOA Board has no authority when it comes to barking dogs or animal waste or pets that are not leashed.  For these issues please contact your local Animal Control office (410-848-4810) However, there are provisions in our documents that cover the housing or number of certain animals and type.  For example, there are no farm animals allowed to be kept in the neighborhood.  For specifics the Board recommends you review the documents on the website.