Holiday Decorating Contest 2013

This year’s 3 Edgewood WINNERS are:
1st Place ($50 Gift Card) –  at 6010 Calvert Way
2nd Place ($35 Gift Card) – at 5996 Calvert Way
3rd Place ($25 Gift Card) – at 813 Caren Drive
(a board member will be in touch with you shortly to deliver your winnings!)
Other Honorable Mentions noted by our judges are:
  1. 849 Caren Drive
  2. 759 Sussex Court
  3. 837 Mayfair
** Please note that homes cannot win 2 consecutive years. **
Congratulations to our winners!! And, to everyone in Edgewood, we wish you a Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season.
Edgewood HOA Board Members


           The 2012 Holiday Decorating Contest Winners


                           1st Place 6010 Calvert Way “Blue Christmas”

2nd Place 832 Caren

                      2nd Place 832 Caren Drive “Merry Motorcycle”

3rd place 759 Sussex

                         3rd Place 759 Sussex Court “Classic Christmas”


                                  Honorable Mentions

Gold and Glitter

                                    5996 Calvert Way “Gold and Glitter”

Santa's in Sykesville

                                 804 Cornwall “Santa’s In Sykesville”

All Aboard

                                           778 Sussex Court “All Aboard”

Frosty and Penguin

                                 815 Caren Drive “Frosty and Penguin”