“Eldersburg has been named to Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live 2011 list, #67 out of 100.”
Those looking for an easy commute to Washington, D.C. often look no further than
Eldersburg. The town, once mostly farmland, has seen a steady influx of families
over the last 20 years. Situated 30 miles west of Baltimore, Eldersburg has grown at an impressive clip in recent years, adding a Home Depot, a Wal-Mart and a Kohl’s department store.
Yet it’s still a small, quiet town, its lush hills dotted with old churches and houses, and the sprawling Liberty reservoir east of town offers hiking trails and gorgeous scenery. On the
downside, though, high home prices make it a little exclusive, and the long
commute to Baltimore means more jobs are far away.
While the homes aren’t cheap, the county’s public schools rank among the best in the state.